You have found the YZF750R webpage!

Well, this is the new home for a *nice* little bike that good `ol Yamaha produced in the mid to late 90`s - missed by most `cause they were all looking at the Fireblade...

... I think they all missed out on a great bit of 750 Superbike Fun!

This site is going to be a bit of a development for me, probably grow - highlighting my other interests too, but for the moment, I`ll actually be getting a collection of the Webs photos together, and a lot of my own bike for people to have a look at!

Here is the first pic of my bike - infact on the forcourt of Woodford Motorcycles

My YZF750 outside Woodford Motorcycles, before I had even Bought it!

Large pics of the bikes are here

A dyno run shows the bike was in tip-top condition - click here to see it!

NEC 2002 Pics

Things bought for the bike so far...

Any documents that I can lay my hands on about the YZF!

New addition of my Misubishi GTO for the cold winter fun...

Last Update: 24 November 2004